Currently, technology has been progressing fast and online channels such as online transaction have been used regulary. In order to get more convenient, faster, and higher performance, system has to be more stable, be user friendly, and be secured. The systems should be protected from any network attack, and in the same time, it should provide high security.

Our company realizes and pays high attention to the situation. We have a professional team for  consulting, suggesting and installing any system for our clients. We also provide Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance for protecting the systems for our clients. We have Spare part for replacing in case the client’s system has some problem which is written in Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our services are including:

Core Network and Data Center Solution

Our company has many professionals available for you. They provide consulting, designing, installing, and developing Network Data center to be more efficient. They can help for designing other systems to suit to your business regardless size of the business.

Security Solution

In regard to Security system, our company has variety of tools for servicing such as Firewall ,IPS,Antivirus ,Proxy ,Email Security ,Web Security, and Load Balancer

Virtualization and Cloud

Our company has many professionals who can give you a suggestion, design, and install the system to be efficient, they can also help for data back up planning to keep the data from losing.

Service Supports

Preventive Maintenance is the system maintaining and quality checking service to ensure that other related system to your business can be managed effectively and continually. It can also protect the system from any possible problem, or make sure that the problem will happen and impact to your business as less as possible. Regarding the Corrective Maintenance, we always have spare part for our clients in case some equipment or system is not well performed.

Responsible for conducting and concluding comprehensive business process and application and its including ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 and ISO/IEC 27001-1:2013 / reviews to assess risk and exposure across a wide variety of business and technical environments.

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