Your organization is working to build the future, and you’re constantly battling to keep it secure. The demands are significant. A workforce protected anywhere, on any device. A digitized workplace where every part of your infrastructure, network, and cloud is safe. Workloads secured wherever they are running, 24/7. Headlines for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

Security should clear your path, not get in your way. It should be simple, yet powerful. Flexible, yet rock-solid. Invisible to users, yet easily managed behind the scenes.

The reality? Security is a grind. You’re up against active adversaries who are well-funded and endlessly patient. You’re dealing with perennial challenges that never seem to go away, challenges such as keeping an accurate inventory of users, applications, and devices. You’re juggling risk management for the business while empowering teams to move fast.

To make matters worse, you’ve been forced to pick individual solutions from an industry that’s rife with incompatibility. This has put you on an endless treadmill of stitching up products that don’t easily fit together. And that’s on top of everything else—new regulations, board mandates, budgets, the revolving door of security talent. The grind never stops. Isn’t it time for the security industry to do better?

Simplify your experience and reduce complexity on an integrated and open platform that strengthens operations, stays out of the way, and gives your team time back. Accelerate your success and champion innovation with powerful, pervasive security that keeps you safe as your business pursues what’s next. Strengthen your security strategy and breathe easier with a platform you can rely on, backed by unparalleled resources and expertise.

Experience simplified with SecureX

Your experience simplified

Security that takes you from overwhelmed to empowered. SecureX reduces complexity with an integrated and open platform that strengthens operations, gets out of the way, and gives your team time back.

  • Gain robust protection through quick and painless deployment
  • Access more efficient automation throughout your environment
  • Boost productivity and efficiency with tools that help security teams of all skill levels focus on what matters
  • Spend less time on repetitive tasks with streamlined policy and device management
  • Take advantage of existing investments across your security stack and infuse security throughout your network architecture
  • Choose what works for your business from a broad and open ecosystem
  • Reduce the number of vendors in your IT environment while achieving world-class security
  • Make security frictionless for your users
  • Master the basics of maintaining compliance and protecting your data

Your success accelerated

Key statement: Security that fuels progress. Champion innovation with a powerful, pervasive platform that keeps you safe as your business pursues what’s next.

  • See once, protect everywhere with unmatched intelligence
  • Accelerate time to detection by sharing threat intelligence
    across solutions
  • Separate critical incidents from the noise so you can act on what’s important
  • Stop threats across your infrastructure as soon as they are found
  • Quickly detect and remediate threats at scale
  • Update policies and implement new capabilities with just a few clicks
  • Greenlight new initiatives faster with a more responsive security posture
  • Improve decision-making with unrivaled intelligence that covers every major threat landscape
  • Enhance effectiveness across your security stack with solutions that adapt in real time
  • See beyond threats and gain broader business insight
  • Empower your teams with security that adds value, not friction
  • Augment your security efforts with machine learning

Your future protected

Key statement: Security that helps you breathe easier. SecureX strengthens your security strategy and reduce risk with a platform you can rely on, backed by unparalleled resources and expertise.

  • Gain enduring protection with world-class threat intelligence that anticipates what’s coming
  • Develop a comprehensive security strategy that reflects where you are today and provides a tangible path forward
  • Manage risk more efficiently as you grow
  • Draw on cutting-edge capabilities developed in-house and by Cisco partners
  • Access the latest in security innovation through Cisco’s commitment to acquiring and integrating emerging technologies into the platform
  • Trust in a stable, resilient leader that isn’t going anywhere
  • Smooth the purchase process and easily activate the right solutions for your business
  • Draw on industry-leading depth and breadth to extend what’s possible for your business
  • Unlock expert guidance for when things go wrong or get complex
  • Leverage unmatched machine learning talent to bolster security automation efforts

Cisco has been recognized as a security leader by key analysts:

  • Gartner: Enterprise Network Firewall Magic Quadrant 2018 Leader
  • Gartner: Secure Web Gateway Magic Quadrant 2018 Challenger
  • Forrester: Zero Trust Forrester Wave 2019 Leader
  • Forrester: Email Security Forrester Wave 2019 Leader
  • Forrester: Endpoint Security Suites Forrester Wave 2018 Visionary

NetONE, we’re Cisco Gold Partner. Our cybersecurity team has integrated comprehensive security solutions to provide advanced threat protection for customers, Our total solutions can protect threat at the Gateway, Network and Endpoint to defense against threat, malware and provide visibility to IT infrastructure.

For more information, please contact : : (+66)20300488

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